The Leopard, Burslem to Become Assisted Living Facility: Planning Application Submitted

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The Leopard, Burslem to Become Assisted Living Facility: Planning Application Submitted

The Leopard, a beloved Burslem pub with an important history, could be given a new lease on life if plans submitted to Stoke-on-Trent City Council are approved.

The application proposes a significant change of use for the landmark building, transforming it into a ground-floor retail unit and 17 assisted-living flats. The Leopard sadly closed its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic and suffered further hardship in a devastating fire in 2022.

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The planning statement acknowledges the urgent need for intervention to preserve this historical asset. The proposal outlines a clear division within the building. The front section of the basement and ground floor, which once housed the pub, would be converted into a retail space with various tenancy options (Class E). The remaining space, including the upper floors, would be dedicated to assisted-living apartments (Class C2).

These flats, exceeding 50 square meters each, would adhere to National Described Space Standards and offer a self-contained living solution for residents. Each unit would feature a bedroom, bathroom, and access to a shared kitchen and living/dining area. Additionally, a dedicated staff area is planned for the basement level, including a reception, office space, communal lounge, and guest suite.

The application emphasizes the preservation of the historic structure. No demolition is proposed, with extensive repairs planned to maintain the building's character. This includes meticulous restoration of all floors using materials that complement the existing design. Externally, windows, doors, and the building shell will be addressed, with damaged roofs repaired or replaced while prioritizing the salvage and reuse of any viable materials.

A decision on the plans is anticipated in the coming months. The proposal presents a potential opportunity to breathe new life into this significant piece of Burslem's history while providing much-needed assisted-living options in the community.

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