A Tunnel under Newcastle-under-Lyme?

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A Tunnel under Newcastle-under-Lyme?
St Giles Church, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Looks like I have a new tunnel to research!

I have found out that apparently there is a tunnel hidden underneath Newcastle-under-Lyme. There are reports that a digger fell into the tunnel when working on the Aldi site.

It apparently ran from Pool Dam to somewhere near the Orange Tree. Possibly used to remove bodies from the workhouse to a mass grave?

Alternatively, there were maybe 4 coming from St Giles Church crypt?

There are memories of a door in the basement of the old Orme School that the kids used to use to get unto it.

I would love to hear if anyone has any knowledge or has heard anything about this tunnel?

If you know anything then please contact me here or e-mail me on goodwin.jenna@gmail.com!

Please share this too, just in case anyone you know has any idea about this suspected tunnel!

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